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Live Nude Sign

It appears, Dear Reader, the time is again upon us to discuss the sexual selfie. When do you take one? Why do you send it? Why would you choose to keep it or skip the entire practice? But first, let me make one thing perfectly clear:

This is not intended to slut shame you, your exhibitionist best friend, or any celebrity whose boobs you’ve seen outside of an R-rated film.

If taking naked pictures…

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Advice to My Future Children | 2

Ask for help, learn, keep moving.

Everything changes at some point. They rarely happen overnight and often without you realizing you’re any different from before. Some changes, though, spring from great purpose and effort.

I, for example, would be a miserable person without the support of my family, friends who saw more in me than I saw in myself, and some strategic medical attention. I get…

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If you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram, then you might know that while I’m happy to celebrate Chicagoversary, Monday also marked five years since my dad was diagnosed with and died due to the big C. I don’t like to say lost his battle with leukemia, because that implies the fight was fair to begin with – and it most definitely was not.

Since this week is about the last ten years in…

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I freely admit that I will watch a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon on Sunday afternoon. (Khloe is the superior Kardashian by far.) Seriously, though, America, if this book becomes a bestseller we are no longer allowed to question why the world thinks we’re vapid and ignorant.

Kim K Books

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Commandment 4

Original Image + extra design by Yours Truly

I’ve never confidently known what I to do with my life – it’s always seemed like there are too many options. I want to be a writer. I want to be an actress. I want to be a teacher. I want to be a therapist. I want to be a detective. I want to be an astronaut, a queen, a flapper, an explorer, a man, a myth.

I want to be everything, to experience it all.

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If I add up my kindergarten, primary, secondary, undergrad and grad programs, I spent 19 years of my life in school. That’s at least 19 opportunities for back to school shopping. Nineteen rounds of first-day-of-school-outfit-planning. Nineteen treks to the stationary aisle, pouring over notebooks and occasionally annoying my mother with my long debates over which planner had the optimal…

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Advice to My Future Children | 1 @chicagoblognet @kitchennomad @maggiesnarkface

Walking into a party by yourself will make you a better person.

This week the Chicago Blogger Network hosted a CBN Happy Hour at River Roast. Since I don’t have a whole lot (okay, zero) local blogging real-life friends I had to work up the nerve to go on my own. Do you know how much pressure comes with getting dressed to hang out with a bunch of fashion bloggers? A lot!

Fortunately, my tendency…

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Ginger Commandment | 3 #bodypositive #curves

Commandment 3

Original Image + extra design by Yours Truly

The gods must be in favor of this whole love thyself kick I’ve been on lately because they’re totally giving me signs of pride and motivation. For example, my new favorite song and ringtone contender, “All About That Bass.”

Even if the lyrics were nonsense, I love Meghan Trainor’smodernly retro voice and the candy pop colors in her music video. Add in…

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It’s Cool Guys, I’m Alive!

For my 19th birthday – my first in the city – my RA took my best friend and I to a taping of Jerry Springer. After the show, we met my other roommates at Ed Debevic’s, where the rude-because-its-cool waiter proceeded to call me Lindsay Lohan for the evening. This was, of course, Mean Girls Lindsay, so I was actually quite flattered.

Fast forward nearly ten years and a whole lot of trips to rehab:…

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