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I know that I need to write something today. I know that I have ideas about which to write. I also know that I’ve been fighting off a cold all week and have zero desire to do anything but sleep. I didn’t even finish my web design stuff…still.

I had three goals for my day off: new license, post office, web design. Would you like to know how many of those I finished? I gave you a head start already…

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Girl Crushing It | Emily Belden


I respect anyone willing to speak their unedited truth – character flaws, mistakes made and all.  Emily Belden does just that in her Chicago-based memoir, EIGHTYSIXED. In the book, she dishes on a nasty breakup, red wine, and meeting a handsome stranger in a way I’m not sure isn’t in a romantic comedy starring Renee Zellweger.

In our new series, Girl Crushing It, Emily dishes on her a few of…

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Ginger Commandment | 6

Commandment 6

Do you, Girl. Just do you.

I’m not one for self-help books, but I’ve been reading I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones and recommend that you do, too. (Even our gentleman friends might feel inspired!)

Let me restate that. IATG isn’t a self-help book, really, but that’s what it’s classified as on the back cover. Ugh. Labels. Instead, Alexis – and a few notable friends – talks about the importance of…

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It’s been a long week, y’all. Lovely but exhausting all the same. Therefore, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite pins instead of putting effort into writing. Never fear! I have new exciting things in the works for next week. (All will be revealed Wednesday!)

Gold Digging

Above | Below


Above | Below


Inner Critic

Above | Below


What have you been pinning lately?

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Asker stephm3 Asks:
just wondering if anyone has any more information about the picture on instagram the night before meryl was in chicago doing her gma stint. supposedly it was posted by her cousin, on a public account, and it was a bottle of italian wine? not sure if that is correct...but does anyone know anything more about this? was meryl in it or was it just the bottle of wine with the cousins caption??
alittlebitginger alittlebitginger Said:


I think there were some talk about it on here, but I missed it. Anyone know anything about this?


Hello, Boot and Sweater Season! How I have missed thee. Feeling very mod in these booties. #vscocam #sotd

It’s been a great ten years, Chicago, but I might be ready to move on. Before I take the plunge, I’m going to fulfill one of this year’s goals and go exploring some cities on my own. It’s going to take a whole lot of city to fill Chicago’s shoes, but I have one main criteria: less snow.

I’m taking suggestions – what city do you think I should test?


Savannah, Georgia

I visited Savannah once in…

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Window Shopping | Lazy Morning Chic

Ug. Monday.

I am not a morning person. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I hit the snooze button at least three times before I get out of bed most days. I’ve been falling into a nasty habit of not giving a shit how I look when that first alarm goes off at 4:45 every morning before work.

It’s just so easy! We’re allowed to wear jeans Monday – Friday. There are a handful of women at the office…

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Ginger Commandment | 5 #JoanRivers

Commandment 5

I carry a notebook around with me almost everywhere I go. I pretend to write notes for that book I’m pretending to write, but most of the time I write lists. Ideas for blog posts. Books to read. Clothes I’m allowed to spend money one without feeling guilty. Noms de plume to use in attempt to keep my professional day life apart from my less-than-corporate online persona.

I also keep a list of…

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Public Transportation

I’ve been making a three hour roundtrip commute to my day job via the reliable Chicago Transit Authority for well over a year now.