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Springtime and Maria Rose

I’m in denial, friends. Apparently it’s been ten years since I graduated from high school (bring on the extra dose of wrinkle cream) and the BHS Class of ’04 Facebook group page is a-buzzin’ with news of marriages, children, and incredible levels of life goals achieved.

No, I will not be attending. Yes, I would rather have my eyelashes individually plucked out my a large-handed man without grace.

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I’m all about family tonight. Sipping on some Chapman’s Ale courtesy of @shsullivan watching @meryledavis on #dwts. Don’t forget to vote!!

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Thanks again for always having my back, Craigslist.

Google autofill is really weirding me out lately.

Google autofill is really weirding me out lately.

That’s one way to grab attention from the rest of my junk email, Spirit Airlines.

GPOY: Killing time and brain cells on the internet edition.

GPOY: Killing time and brain cells on the internet edition.

As you may have noticed yesterday, I sometimes wear glasses. Sometimes I go without, instead squinting to read the street sign ahead or the markings on a chalkboard in front of me.  On a rare occasion, I’ll throw in some contacts so that I can judge the attractiveness of a man without aforementioned squinting or relying on the judgement of the friends around me. Not that I would go and do anything about it, but that’s a far digression from the point that I don’t need to get into right now.

Alas, this is what I look like with glasses and end-of-day hair:

This is what I look like without glasses and end-of-day hair:

Not a big difference, right?  Just for fun, let’s show a few more.



Nope. Very little difference.  I would in fact argue that my very free and totally worth it hipster glasses make me look better if for no other reason than they shield the world from the bags under my eyes and perhaps give my face a bit more color than my Irish genes intended. 

Hollywood, on the other hand, tells us something different.  

I watched the pilot of New Girl, starring the stunningly beautiful Zooey Deschanel and must first admit that I liked it - I see potential in her quirky leading lady and the golden-hearted if occasionally douche-leaning (instead of a swear jar they have a douchebag jar) male roommates.  And, full disclosure, I make no secret of my adoration of Hello Giggles (co-founded by Deschanel herself). 

That said, I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that a pair of glasses makes her character anything less than a beautiful woman who happens to have four eyes.  (And if I happen to also make up songs during the day, so be it.)  

This isn’t the first time we see a girl go from blah-to-babe with the mere removal of her spectacles. Need I remind you of She’s All That?  I didn’t think so.  There are plenty of giggity-gorgeous women who rim their eyes with more than liner.  Can we please just make one show about a woman who happens to wear glasses who is not the Ugly Duckling?  How about one who isn’t the overworked mother who has given up taking care of herself and her sex life in order to be the best mom her kids could wish for?  Or, God forbid, the old spinster woman who could never see clearly enough to find her One True Love.

Five Ragingly Beautiful Girls with Glasses, Shes with Specs, Women with Nerd Goggles with whom I’m Down to be Associated:

Gloria Steinem

Tina Fey (and hers are just a prop!)

Chloe Sevigny

Scarlett Johansson

Annette Bening (though, let’s not aspire to have this hair day, shall we?)