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Motivate Yo’Self

It’s the last day of my pre-surgery challenge! I posted every day for two weeks straight even (especially) when I didn’t feel like it. I highly recommend challenging yourself to do something publicly – the peer pressure of your friends, avoidance of public failure, and expressing positive energy into the ether are ridiculously helpful in achieving your goal.

Have I been drinking Oprah-laced…

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Ginger Commandment | Numero Dos

You don’t have to spend $500 on a haircut - that’s a ridiculous thing I certainly haven’t done - but I don’t want to hear your bitching if your next Fantastic Sam’s cut goes wrong.

Long time readers and pals may recall that I’ve always kind of hated Pinterest. These days I find great pieces of inspiration, but it’s another outlet for people to talk about their great lives without acknowledging that they’re maybe a little screwed up at times. I’m not saying everyone in the world is screwy, I’m just saying that if you go by the Facebook status, Pinterest recipe, or Twitter…

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Technically, I’m working this weekend by putting my business phone on high volume and running any time it pings only to inevitably be a message from someone really annoying wishing the world a good morning. Jerks.

Realistically, I’m sitting on my couch, forcing myself to write because, hey, there’s only a few days of this challenge left and it’s better than cleaning my apartment before my mom…

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Favorite Reads of the Week | 2

You guys! I only have four days until my surgery and I managed to post every day (and finish all my Skillcrush homework)! While I won’t be posting every day after my nose works again for the first time, I will post at least three times a week. Boom. It only took me forcing myself to write for two weeks straight, but I finally find myself inspired and motivated.

What inspired you this week?


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Window Shopping with @zamriestyle #chicagofashion

I met Ashley of Zamrie in the frigid heights of the Polar Vortex at a party for Chicago Blogger Network. I noticed her très cute leather (vegan leather, to be exact) blazerfrom across the room and was so impressed to find out it was one of her own designs. Given that she’s a slender gal, I got intimidated that my, uh, feminine assets might be too much for her high fashion style…so I chickened out…

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Hey Eva,

Hope you’re doing well carrying that little goose around. Pregnancy must really suck in this heat! You’ve been hiding this little nugget for seven months? And you’re 40 to his 33? Kudos, lady. Ku. Dos.

If there’s anything the entire world knows already, it’s that you snagged one hell of a baby daddy. He’s already proven himself a super hero stopping street fights and saving women from…

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My mind wanders quite often, but lately it’s been traveling more than usual. Alas, I also have a problem with practicality: will I feel guilty spending the money? Who will be my hot date? Can I take off that much time from work? I’m young, damn it! In the next year I vow to take at least one solo vacation and one trip to France.

You’re thinking I’m cliché, aren’t you? Europe. How romantic! How…

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Ginger Commandment | The First

I’ve phoned it in on a few of these challenge posts, haven’t I? Who cares – I gave you puppies! The point is, I haven’t let myself down yet, and honestly it’s the greatest gift I can give myself at the moment. That and maybe a few more trips to the gym and a couple less cupcakes with Kelly.

Today I present you with something Pinterest-inspired: a piece of advice made pretty (because if there are…

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I’m often away from home for 11 hours a day. I’m a slob. I still don’t know how to cook. I know it’s the wrong time to get a puppy, but they’re just so damn cute. Curse you, Instagram!

Brownie makes me not hate poodles.

I normally do not condone dressing your dog in a costume, Gonka, but come on. It’s Spiderpuppy.

Tell me Tazo doesn’t look like Yoda. Go ahead, say it.

I would be remiss to not…

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